Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

Be kind to our Mother Earth and choose a web host which is 100% powered by the sun … truly carbon neutral.

Take A Look At Our Hosting Packages …

We’re based in the UK but our servers are across the pond in sunny California. The sunshine is pretty constant out there and as a result the solar powered servers are very reliable. There is, of course, a backup power source but it is rarely needed!

Friendly, Personal Service …

We are a small, family-run business and we pride ourselves in offering our customers a service which is a little more personal than the larger hosts out there. We try our best to explain everything in a jargon-free manner and customer satisfaction is key for us.

Here’s Our Eco Web Hosting Options …

Your Free ‘Search Engine Ready’ Website …

If you take one of our very reasonably priced web hosting plans we’ll set you up a ‘ready to go’ website completely free of charge! Usually we charge for this but we’ve decided to offer a bare-bones, free website which you can add your own content to and get your business out there on the web.

Check out this wedding car hire website which we built for a client. We host this website on our regular hosting package and our client has been very happy with the service.

Cut Your Overheads & Run a Lean Operation

In these tough economic times efficiency in business is essential. Gone are the days where a small business could afford to hire expensive web designers and IT people. It’s very competitive out there and you need to run a low overhead to compete.

Updating your website yourself can be as simple as writing an email using the popular WordPress content management system. This is what we install for you and you get to choose from thousands of themes and it’s easy to upload your own custom logo.

Support Should You Get Stuck

There is a large, vibrant and helpful community around the WordPress platform and help is a search away with thousands of tutorials and support pages instantly available online. Our time is chargeable but were always here to help you with anything you can’t find the answer to.

Just contact us to find out more about your Eco Web Design ….